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The Barbara Harrell-Bond Foundation

Micro-Grants to Refugees & Asylum Seekers

The Barbara Harrell-Bond Foundation has a simple purpose -- to unite the many people that Barbara helped throughout her life on a volunteer basis to be able to assist refugees and asylum seekers with micro-grants. Barbara accomplished many things in her career - she founded academic institutions, NGOs, and resources for lawyers and advocates. But one of the greatest things Barbara did was open her own wallet and offer up any money she had to help someone apply for status, buy medicine, send their child to school, or get to a court hearing.


The Foundation will emulate that action by seeking micro-donations to issue micro-grants through a simple online application & distribution system accessible to refugees and asylum seekers. The Foundation is to be operated as near to 100% by unpaid volunteers as possible to achieve close to 100% of donations to be used to help individual refugees and asylum seekers in need of micro-assistance, allowing for essential costs (e.g. administration,  auditing, accounts & renewal costs).


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How to help

Honoring Barbara's Memory

If you knew Barbara, you know how kind, caring and compassionate she could be. As a Foundation, we aim to continue this compassion in the name of our friend, professor, and mentor. We're looking for volunteers with any and all skill sets.


If you're interested in volunteering, fill out the form linked below.


Latest News


You can read an article on Barbara's legacy in Mental Health and Psychosocial work here


Barbara's book 'Imposing Aid: Emergency Assistance to Refugees' is available to read online here


We were recently contacted by Olivier Rukundo - a Rwandan refugee who reached out to Barbara and wrote about his experiences with her in Forced Migration Review.

You can read about his story in depth here:

Barbara Harrell-Bond: a life not ordinary

Director: Enrico Falzetti

Written by Katarzyna Grabska and Enrico Falzetti

Produced by Katarzyna Grabska in collaboration with AMERA Int. 

Documentary, 58 min.

Through the prism of an extraordinary life, this documentary explores the achievements of Barbara Harrell-Bond - academic, refugee activist and a life-long advocate of refugee rights. 

The film takes us on a personal journey of a not-so-ordinary woman born in a remote town in South Dakota during the Great Depression, and traces her career from her initial engagement with the civil rights in the late Fifties, to her move to the UK in the mid-Sixties where she studied social anthropology at the University of Oxford in the 1960s, and then to her travels in West Africa where she carried out much of her academic research. 

Her first-hand experience of the Saharawi refugee camps in Algeria in 1980, and the humanitarian crisis in Sudan in 1982, led her to establish the first refugee studies centre in Oxford, of which she is a founding director, and numerous others around the world. A very 

strong advocate of legal aid programs for refugees in the Global South, Barbara established a number of these programs including in Uganda, Egypt, South Africa and the UK.  

Far from being only an academic, the focus of Barbara’s life-long work has been on refugee rights, and on keeping refugees at the centre of humanitarian interventions. Issues which resonate even more deeply now, in an age in which safe havens for refugees are increasingly being eroded and violations of human rights are on the rise.

Please see the following series of articles for more information about Barbara:

Guardian Obituary 

Financial Times Obituary 

Forced Migration Review Tribute 

Barbara's profile on Research Gate is also a great insight into her work, you can find it here

Film screenings: Barbara Harrell-Bond: a life not ordinary

  • 12 June 2018 – the Institute of International Studies, Erasmus University, the Hague, Netherlands 

  • 20 June 2018 – World Refugee Day, Queen Elisabeth House, Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford, the UK

  • 24 July 2018 – University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece, the International Association for the Study of Forced Migration Conference 

  • 20 August, 2018 – Refugee Law Summer School, Olmulec University, the Czech Republic

  • 15 August 2018 – Brazil, University of Sao Paolo

  • 22 August 2018 – Duzy Pokoj, the Ethnographic Lab, Diversity Days, Warsaw, Poland

  • 29 August, 2018 – Humanity House, the Hague, Netherlands

  • October, 2018 – Slupsk, Poland – diversity days

  • 22 October 2018 – Amman, Jordan – Prince Hassan bin Talal Foundation

  • 31 October, 2018 – The VU University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  • Kampala, Uganda, 2019

  • Cairo, the American University in Cairo, 2019

  • University of Warsaw, Poland, 2019

  • The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, Switzerland - 2019

  • March, 2019 Oxford Brookes Human Rights Film Festival, Oxford, the UK

  • Oxford University, Margrette Hall, March 2019 

  • Nottingham University, June 2019

Upcoming screenings:

  • Nairobi, Kenya – 2019 – Samuel Hall Organisation

In Loving Memory of Barbara-Harrell Bond


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